Magic the Gathering: Unfinity - Draft Booster Box

Magic the Gathering Draft Booster Box. Obsahuje 36 Draft Booster balíčkov + Box Topper.

Každý Draft Booster obsahuje 15 náhodných kariet. Obsahuje:

1x Planetary space-ic basic land, orbital space-ic basic land, or borderless shock land

1x Rare or mythic rare (can be a showcase or borderless planeswalker card)

2x Attraction cards of any rarity (and both can be the same rarity, including two rares)

3x Uncommons

6x Commons

1x Common or a traditional foil card of any rarity (can be a showcase or borderless planeswalker card, or an Attraction card)

1x Sticker insert (with a variety of stickers for gameplay use)

1x Token or ad insert

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